Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Art of Liberating the Human: Part 2

By Orelia Brennan 07/09/09 First Image is of Adam Neate, Second Image is of Bren Bataclan
The Art of Liberation through letting go and spreading hope has two uniquely different artists relinquishing thousands of pieces of artwork out on the street. Adam Neate is a British born artist, who specializes in painting urban art and Bren Bataclan is a Filipino artist whose works are cartoon inspired, acrylic paintings. Neate began his career as a street artist, introduced to graffiti art through a cousin and Bataclan has always been a fan of graffiti, but has never picked up a can. Although these two artists could not be more different, there is a common factor between the two. Both have given away thousands of works of art for FREE by leaving them on the streets for people to find. What that means to both of them may be a little different.

Adam Neate has taken his paintings from the urban streets to high end galleries, such as The Tate, the National Portrait Gallery, and the Elm’s Lesters Painting Rooms. In December 2007 his painting, Suicide Bomber, sold for 78,500 pounds at Sotheby’s. Neate now has set free, thousands of paintings around the streets of London. “As soon as I let go – I let go of the connection. It taught me not to be so precious about what I create or let go of certain things and it gave me the confidence in myself to just enjoy painting for me,” are some of Neate’s remarks in a YouTube interview. View Interview >>

Bren Bataclan has been leaving street art for six years and has dropped off his paintings in some 32 countries, and about half the United States. In his latest movement, the paintings are left with a note saying, “Everything will be alright.” This message ties into Bret’s mission statement, “I believe that giving away paintings with a hopeful note is one of the best ways I can help out during the economic downturn.” The cartoon characters with huge smiles and large eyes are spreading the message of hope. View Video >>

The expression, “What is it Worth”, takes on a whole new meaning when paintings are given away for free on the street. The worth may be in the message of letting go and spreading hope!

Image Credits: First Image is of Adam Neate, Second Image is of Bren Bataclan

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of the kind words you said about my artwork and project. Adam Neate is an awesome artist. Bren